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Two-Tone Glock 19 (KSC)

Two-Tone Glock 19 inspired by some of CL's stuff, but mostly from SuperGEEK polishing up his barrel. Get a couple of Fine or Very Fine sanding sponges (I used Very Fine), and the highest grit sandpaper you can find (I used 1500). Remove everything from inside the slide and barrel, get that sucker wet, and sand to your heart's content. Make sure you are consistent in the direction you sand. Otherwise, you'll get strange little abnormalities in the finish.

Gallery (They'll open in a new window):

Glock 1 Glock 2 Glock 3 Glock 4 Glock 5
Glock 6 Glock 7 Glock 8    



- KSC (Taiwan Version) Glock 19
- Guarder Recoil Rod
- TW Metal Slide and Outer Barrel
- Hogue wraparound grip

Stuff to do later:

- Get high-vis sights for front and back
- Get Alloy Mag Catch and polish that thing silver
- Get tightbore
- Get Glock 18 Hicap
- Fix my stupid hop up