By: Freddie W.

Pass the Pigs
by: Winning Moves

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When you use the link above to buy the game, you also help me (a often-broke student) out because I earn a small percentage through Amazon's associates program. Spread the joy!

Update: 8.26.01 - "Pass the Pigs sold out!?"

Apparently, the old link to Pass the Pigs to has been sold out (not surprising, considering this site alone sold 1,221 copies of Pass the Pigs through Amazon). Anyhoo, the solution is that Winning Moves apparently has taken over the game, and is selling it, so you can still buy it. Unfortunately, this also means there's an additional $3.00 added on to the original. I still think it's a small price to pay for such enduring entertainment, but that's just me. The link above has been fixed, so if you want to buy Pass the Pigs online, click here.

But wait, there's more!...

I'm planning on doing a couple more things for the website. One is to make a flash game with identical rules and probabilities to Pass the Pigs, but, eh, you, er... toss the cows. Yeah, that's it. Try to take that down you evil lawyers! And I'm also thinking of writing up a small bit on the history of the game.

Update: 4.2.01 - "A New Look"

The Pass the Pigs website has finally been completely overhauled. The new, sleek look will be easier to navigate and quicker to load, as well as looking much better. Consider this the website's 3rd Birthday present. Feel free to email me and tell me what you think.

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