First, here is a table of the roll possibilities and point values:


5 Points


2x Razorback


20 Points


5 Points

2x Trotter


20 Points


10 Points

2x Snouter


40 Points

Leaning Jowler

15 Points

2x Leaning Jowler


60 Points


Back To Zero For Turn

2x Sides


1 Point


Back To Zero For Game



The Two Values Added Together

The rules are simple. Two to four players may compete. The first player to reach 100 points or more is the winner. When it is your turn, you roll. If you get a Pig-Out or an Oinker, then you pass the pigs onto the next player. If you get anything else, you may decide to roll again or pass the pigs. If you keep rolling again, you accumulate points to add to your bank but if you get a Pig-Out, then all your points accumulated this turn are nullified.



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